Jeko Kolev

Director of Strategic Growth, WeWork

Jeko Kolev is an entrepreneur, angel investor, mentor to business founders and currently the Director of Strategic Growth at WeWork- third most valued US startup after Uber and Airbnb.

Since 2015 when Jeko joined WeWork, he has covered several managerial and leadership roles focused on shaping and executing the company’s aggressive growth strategy in all segments across several regions, including the US, EMEA and Australia. During that same time, WeWork expanded its operations to 70 cities across the globe (from less than 5 in 2015) achieving more than 1.2 billion dollars in annual turnover. In 2016 Jeko was elected to be a WeWork Culture Ambassador.

Previously, Jeko led the international expansion of leading Eastern European companies across multiple industries including renewables and construction and was also on the founding team of - a social network founded in 2004 focused on people who want to study foreign languages and cultures. At its peak, the social network had 250k+ active users.


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